Following  poor showing in last year’s UEFA Champions League Qualifying tournament, the Italian National Football team, under the supervision of  the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), fired their long-time General Manager Giancarlo Medinacelli at the end of the season. The reason given by management was because he had all the tools to win a championship, he had the personnel to get it over the hill, he was given leeway in personnel-related decisions, yet still he failed to bring home the cup.

The “Gli Azzurri”, as the team is well known all over Italy as an homage to the colors of the Italian flag, will have Jensen Magnusson as the newly promoted general manager. He will inherit a team laden with talent with the core members as holdovers for next season’s tournament. With the new addition, they hope to get over the hump next year and win it all. It is really an all-or-nothing for the team now. That’s how much the nation is expecting from them.

Don’t expect the rest of the league to hand it to you, though. While we have improved with the acquisition of a new GM and some young players selected in the draft, so have the rest of the teams in the league. It is therefore imperative for the team to come together and work hard to win the championship which they have held ten years ago.

Magnusson comes with a great credentials. He was a long-time assistant to the great Sir Alex Fergusson at Manchester United. He stayed there for almost 12 years and has absorbed everything the brilliant mentor shared about the sport. The team hopes he could rub off some of his skills in the football field come next season. For now, it’s on to the practice pitch for the whole team.

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