One of the biggest movies produced in Italy will make a comeback to the big screen. The classic movie by Federico Fellini will be remade for the modern generation to give it an updated script. But the core of the story will remain in tact. There will only be adaptations on the setting, of course we are now living in a new decade, or better yet a new millenia. It is therefore necessary to give the movie a makeover to appeal to the younger audience.

The new version of the classic movie will be directed by Roberto Benigni, who also have a part in the cast of characters of the movie. Being an eccentric type of person, Benigni will inject his own flavor of movie making and give the movie a whole new perspective. The cast and crew are still being assembled and will be announced once the shooting of the movie starts.

This new movie is somewhat of an offshoot of one of Benigni’s earlier films, A Beautiful Life, which won the accolades of the press when it was released in 1997. That movie earned Benigni instant stardom on the world stage. He became an overnight sensation, and the international media dubbed him as the next big thing in motion pictures.

We should expect an all-star cast for this production, as auditions have already begun and some notable names have read for some of the major characters. People expect a great movie from this group, as the director is also a well-known actor, screenwriter and comedian as well.

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