A new batch of Carabinieri recruits are being deployed in major cities in Italy in response to recent terrorists threats by some major terrorist cells looking to destabilize the country. It is a well-known fact that many terrorists are now targeting innocent civilians to wreak havoc and cause global alarm, panic and chaos. It is very difficult to monitor all the people coming in and out of the country, so there is really a need to increase security measures everywhere.

It is common knowledge that the Carabinieri is the national gendarmieri of Italy, policing both civilian and military populations. As such, they are the perfect security measure which would help tighten the security around major cities and municipalities all over the country. They will surely pose as a deterrent to people or groups of people who have bad intentions in the community.

The Carabinieri are the best trained police and para-military personnel anywhere in the world. They have the toughest training methods, which would ensure that they can respond appropriately when called to service. These group of elite men are also experts in weapons, tactics and bomb diffusion. This alone should quell any fear or tension that the public may feel as an effect of recent unfortunate events involving terrorists.

The latest batch have a number of 700, distributed evenly throughout the country. They will augment the already existing municipal police force to serve their purpose. More personnel will be assigned to bigger cities as there is a greater threat posed by undocumented immigrants settling there.

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