• Cirque Du Soleil Coming to Town

    The world-famous Cirque Du Soleil is set to visit Italy in the month of June this year. The best circus show ever conceived will be having a month-long show at the Stadio Olympico in Rome, which is expected to draw tens of thousands of people to witness their performances. This is the first time that […]

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  • La Dolce Vita Adaptation Remade

    One of the biggest movies produced in Italy will make a comeback to the big screen. The classic movie by Federico Fellini will be remade for the modern generation to give it an updated script. But the core of the story will remain in tact. There will only be adaptations on the setting, of course […]

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  • Italian National Football Team Hires New Manager

    Following  poor showing in last year’s UEFA Champions League Qualifying tournament, the Italian National Football team, under the supervision of  the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), fired their long-time General Manager Giancarlo Medinacelli at the end of the season. The reason given by management was because he had all the tools to win a championship, he had […]

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  • New Carabinieri Recruits Deployed

    A new batch of Carabinieri recruits are being deployed in major cities in Italy in response to recent terrorists threats by some major terrorist cells looking to destabilize the country. It is a well-known fact that many terrorists are now targeting innocent civilians to wreak havoc and cause global alarm, panic and chaos. It is […]

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